Is a Realtor Needed for New Construction?

There is a misassumption buyers make when they build a home. They think that the builder’s rep will help them with the purchase of their new home.  They also think that they will get an amazing deal because they are working with an internal representative.

However, the builder’s rep is working for the builder – not for you! Their success relies on getting the best deal for the builder, who is their employer.  There legally can be no discounts passed on to you if you don’t use a Realtor, there is no savings.

But when you use a Realtor, you are the boss.

What your Realtor can do for you

Your Realtor, who is experienced and knowledgeable about the whole process, can work on your behalf to negotiate a better deal, free upgrades, or simply whatever is in your best interest.  Most people wouldn’t consider buying an existing home without a Realtor to represent them.  Therefore, why consider going through the even more stressful and complicated process of building a home without someone on your side?

It can be very daunting to go through the process of home-building, and dealing with the last minute changes and surprises.  Buyers can avoid a lot of bad surprises with good representation of their own Realtor.

I hope you decide to use a Realtor. But be SURE to hand your Realtors card to the builder representative at the door of the model, and tell them, this is my Realtor.  It is even better for your Realtor to bring you through the door of the model to make it clear at the very start that you have Realtor representation.  There are rules as to how you are introduced to a builder, and when a Realtor is due their fee for working for YOU.  Just be very clear and give your agents name, and CARD.  If you plan to visit a model, give your agent a call and they can call ahead for you so that the builders rep knows you will be coming and you are represented by a Realtor.

I’d love to help you with your purchase of a new home already built or hold you hand with a ground up construction. Give me a call or text (208)571-8443

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