3 Tips for the Millennial Home Buyer

If you are a Millennial then you are in a whole new era. Believe me I can’t even begin to figure out everything that’s available to you. I mean I’m trying, look I’m even blogging. But ask me to tweet…I’m going to have to go to the an expert. With that idea in mind I hope that you would do the same when it comes time to buy a house. Nevertheless, being the generation that you are I figured the first thing you would do is Google your home buying questions before you’d go any further.

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So here’s three tips that every Millennial Home Buyer should Consider.

  1. Know all your Costs: Sometimes when we have rented all our lives or that’s your only experience with homes then we don’t know all the additional costs of home ownership. Some of those included when you purchase a home are closing costs and down payments. Then even after you buy a home you are in charge of the care and upkeep of your property. From landscaping to roofing this can be a big expense if you aren’t prepared.
  2. Consult a Mentor: While Google is great, experience can be better. When you decide to purchase a home take the time to consult with someone you know and trust who has been through the process. They are going to point out things you might not have thought to plug into a search engine. And because they know you they will point out those observations.
  3. Decide what type of Housing Makes Sense: One of the choices you will face is between a condo or a house. There are some questions to ask yourself before you commit.  Do you travel a lot and don’t have time for property maintenance? Do you have kids who need a yard to play in? Are you likely to want a garden? Are you interested in some perks like a pool or a gym you can’t quite afford on your own. In the end if you decide to go one way and in a few years it doesn’t fit you always have the option to sell and move.

At the end of the day home ownership is not to be taken lightly and the fact you are even reading this shows that you get it. I want you to know I’m here if you need to talk. Feel free to call or text me at (208)571-8443

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