3 Important Things Home Sellers Often Forget To Do

Whenever I meet new clients I share with them a ton of information. What I’ll do for them. What they should do to get their home ready. Here are 3 tips that sometimes slip through the cracks. Don’t worry that’s why I’m here for!

No 1: Does the door bell ring?

It’s that attention to detail that’s important. It’s those little cosmetic repairs that could cost you your home sale. If buyers see that you can’t even be bothered to repair a busted doorbell, they’re automatically going to think about what else may need fixing and view the home negatively.

No 2: Is the inside spick and span?

Storage is a huge selling point for homes. So be warned: Buyers are going to poke around inside closets, drawers, cabinets, ovens, refrigerators, and even the dishwasher, whether they’re cleaned or not—so you’d better make sure they are clean.

No 3: What stays and what goes?

You don’t want a buyer to fall in love with your house because of the custom window treatments and then rescind their offer when they find out the curtains aren’t for sale.

So if you are ready to sell your home and make sure it’s totally prepared to get the best price possible give me a call!

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