Open House Check List

Open Houses can be a great tool for selling a home. Especially in the spring as flowers and trees bud and the weather starts to get warmer. People want to be out and about more. With that said if you do have an open house here are 4 tips to make sure you do before hand to get those offers rolling in. 

  • Ask  someone to babysit the kids the weekend of the open house. Then book a reservation for your pet with the dog sitter or at the kennel. Having everyone out of the house on the day of will help you keep your home tidy and smelling fresh. Plus, no dogs and no kids equal more time for last-minute prep.
  • Line up a contractor to take care of maintenance issues your agent has asked you to fix, like leaking faucets, sagging gutters, or dings in the walls.
  • De-clutter every room (even if you already de-cluttered once before). Don’t hide your stuff in the closet—buyers will open doors to size up closet space. Store your off-season clothes, sports equipment, and toys somewhere else.
  • Book carpet cleaners for a few days before the open house and a house cleaning service for the day before. Otherwise, make sure to leave time to do these things yourself a couple of days before.

If you want more ideas for prep give me a call. My most recent listing contracted in one day. We didn’t even make it to the OPEN HOUSE. LOL


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