3 Vices to Avoid when Selling in 2017

We all have our own quirks. And those personalities come through in many ways, from our choice in fashion, to our cars, and most definitely in our homes. However, when you are trying to sell your home these personalty choices come out and they could cost your thousands. Here’s a list of the three top blunders that can literally cost you when it’s time to sell. 

  • Don’t Over Improve: If you are dying to remodel your kitchen or bath it’s important to remember that you usually only get back around 64% of what you paid into the home improvement. So if you plan on moving make sure what you pick is something you’ll love and those potential buyers in the future will too.
  • Renovating Without Permits: It can be a pain and frustrating to pull permits before you knock down that wall or add a deck, but this corner-cutting will come back and bite you when you decide to sell. Without proper permits, buyers may worry whether the work done on your place is up to code—and as a result refrain from making an offer. Instead of cutting corners now do it right now so it doesn’t hurt you in the future.
  • Overlooking Curb Appeal: Even if you pour a bunch of time and energy into the inside of your home it’s easy to forget the outside. But it’s the first thing potential buyers see when they come to see your home. Make sure your paint job is pristine and your lawn is tidy and mowed. Also replace dead shrubs, prune trees, put out some potted plants, mulch garden beds, and freshen mailboxes.

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