Why you SHOULD List During New Years

A question many people ask their agent is should they should list their home during the holidays instead of waiting until after the new year. Selling a home during the holidays was something that very few people previously did. Why? Poor weather can limit showings, there’s not as much curb appeal in the winter months; people are off of work and don’t want to spend their time house-hunting; and there’s just too much going on!

There are several advantages to listing your house during the holidays!

Believe it or not, showings increase during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Potential buyers have squirmed away their vacation days specifically for this reason and thus have more time to look during the holidays.

Remember, buyers who are looking at houses during the holidays are typically very serious buyers. So, although you may not have as many showings or traffic at the showings during this time, the people that do attend looking to sign a deal.

There are fewer homes on the market in December and January. During the holiday season, the inventory of homes shrinks. What does this mean to you? There is less competition within your price range and an easier time making a sale.

Buying at the end of the year has tax advantages. Savvy home buyers know

After the new year, there is more activity in the market and the number of homes for sale begins to steadily increase, adding to more competition for your home within your price range.


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