Is It Time to Sell? 3 Things to Consider

When the real estate market is reported to be doing well sometimes homeowners consider if it’s a good time to sale. However, just because you think that you can get a good sell price and profit from the sell of your home should not be the only reason to sell. There are some helpful criteria that I’ve found to consider. I’ve gathered the 3 Top questions to ask yourself when you consider selling your home.

  • You’ve Outgrown Your Home: Perhaps life has changed as it does. Your family size is much bigger. Whether it’s children, family members, or even furbabies. You may need more space. It could even be that life has changed. Maybe you telecommute and need a home office. Maybe you’ve picked up a hobby your passionate about and need space to cultivate it. Whatever the reason if you’ve outgrown your home. Let’s talk!
  • Your Lifestyle Changed: Maybe you have a new job and the placement of your house is farther away. Perhaps you’ve developed a passion for outdoor living and you want to be closer to biking and hiking trails. For whatever reason lifestyles change and sometimes your home needs to upgrade or even downgrade in order to accommodate those changes.
  • Remodeling Isn’t Worth the Investment: Every neighborhood and house has it value limits. If you wanted to remodel and put top of the line upgrades in every part of the home but it’s in a bad location. It’s not going to get your the amount of money you are putting into it. It’s important to get the most value for every dollar you spend. Sometimes that’s better spent in a new home and location.

It’s a great time to ask yourself these questions. And if you are a overwhelmed feel free to set up an appointment with me. I’d love to help you.











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