3 Things to Do in the Treasure Valley While Your House is Being Shown

Whenever you list your home to sell, in order to be as accommodating to potential buyers as possible, agents will suggest being flexible with showings. Such as not requiring a 24 hour notice in favor of a 1 or 2 hour notice instead. This situation can create even more stress to an already chaotic time in your life. You have to basically keep your home show room ready for that moment’s notice showing call. In addition, if you have to leave your house for at least an  hour, what do you do while away? More importantly if you are trying to watch our spending what can you do that doesn’t require a ton of money?

Here are 3 things you can do in the Treasure Valley for Free to Next to Nothing

  • Go walk around the Village in Meridian. The Village is visually pleasing and has a ton of places to sit out doors. In addition, they have regular entertaining and free activities for the public. There is also Wifi. To see more details about what The Village has going on check out their Facebook page here. 
  • Boise Calendar of Events: This online calendar is constantly updated online. What’s really great is they have seasonal events that are always added. So no matter what time of year you are showing your home there is something to help you wind down from the stress of listing your home. And get into the spirit of that season. Click here for the calendar.
  • Downtown: In the Treasure Valley we have a uniquely diverse community. Which might be while we are on so many top 10 lists. One of the things I love is our outdoor spaces. And you really see them when you visit downtown areas. Like Downtown Boise, Meridian and Nampa for example. Each space has it’s own charm and refreshing energy.  You could easily tour each downtown areas in the valley and compare the differences.

I hope some of these suggestions have helped you as you prepare to show your home. Have you listed yet? Just thinking about it? Call (208)571-8443 Marci today and let’s get a conversation started.

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